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Dekh Bhai Dekh

Source : DVD


Released : Jul 17, 2009
Genre : Comedy/Crime
Starcast : Gracy Singh, Siddharth Koirala, Raghuveer Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Asrani, Virendra Saxena, Aroon Bakshi
Desc :
Babli, Shyam and Yadav are three desperate people. Babli is a divorcee, Shyam needs to push papers with a bureaucrat and Yadav is an upcoming politician who needs funds for his party. They resort to robbery because it`s the easiest way out, but since they don`t know how they employ the services of a small time crook. And from there begins the laugh ride that`s as harrowing for them as it`s entertaining.
Duration : 1hr 43mins
Size : 124 mb

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Maruti Mera Dosst

Released : Jun 05, 2009
Genre : Children
Starcast : Chandrachur Singh, Ritika Shrivastava
Desc :
Maruti Mera Dosst is a fairytale with an Indian twist. It has a sweet girl, Rameshwari who has a rich father, Kunwar Rahghuvendra Singh, a kind and naive stepmom, Mohini and an evil step-grandmom, Koikoi who is a witch. All that Rameshwari wants is her mother's love and all that Koikoi wants is Raghuvendra’s mansion and property. So she is constantly doing black magic and other evil tricks to get rid of Rameshwari. However, Rameshwari is a devotee of Lord Hanuman who sends her a friend, Maruti, to protect her and take care of her. So all of Koikoi’s evil tactics fail until one of them where she manages to convince Rameshwari to ask Maruti to go away and life takes a dark turn for the little girl. Every day is a torture for her. So will Maruti return to brighten her life again?
Duration : 2hr 12min
Size : 158mb

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