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Agyaat cam rip

RE -UPLOAD BY - =||{MADMAN}||= -

Released : August 7, 2009
Genre : Horror | Thriller
Starcast : Nitin Reddy, Nisha Kothari
Desc :
It all begins when the camera conks off… A film crew has two days waiting for the replacement to arrive in the deep jungle, with no form of entertainment or communication. A quirky character called Setu suggests a camping trip into the forest, and everyone jumps at the opportunity. As they settle near a pond for the night and sit around a bonfire Setu hears a strange sound. He goes to investigate and never returns. After a desperate search they discover his dead body. Panic sets in among the unit members as Setu, the only guy who knows the way out is dead, they don’t know which way to move to get out of the forest… yet another unit member gets brutally killed thereby, making them realize that whatever it is that has killed Setu is out to get them all. From then on it is a desperate struggle to survive against that unknown entity. And as their numbers dwindle the suppressed passions among them come forth, they realize that it is not only their lives they are fighting for, but also for their loves.
Duration : 1hr 28mins
Size : 106 mb

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Agyaat-CAM-{MADMAN}-1.3GP (47.5 MB )

Agyaat-CAM-{MADMAN}-2.3GP ( 47.5 Mb)


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